About SmarTots

We created SmarTots because we believe that devices like the iPhone and iPad have the potential to be revolutionary learning tools - if used properly.

We teamed up with other parents, educators and app developers to create a set of tools that help parents help their children learn better and faster.

We think technology can create new ways for parents to connect with and help their children, and we're creating the products that we want to use with our kids.

SmarTots is now the world's largest network of teacher-screened kids apps. We keep parents and educators connected with what their kids are learning on mobile devices by providing them with tracking reports, teacher reviews and suggestions for family fun activities. Through the SmarTots Parents App we provide real-time alerts on achievements and areas for improvement. In addition to app activity reports, we also provide hugely popular Deal of the Week alerts for free or discounted apps. Get connected today by signing up from a SmarTots app or our Parents App.

CEO & Co-founder - Jesper Lodahl brings more than 12 years experience in the Internet and mobile sectors to SmarTots. He spent more than seven years at Nokia, where he developed four phones from concept to delivery and created two patents which have been implemented in more than 1 billion mobile phone worldwide. He has since been developing social networking Internet startups in China. Jesper is a proud dad of two lovely girls, Asta and Laura.

Chief Product Officer & Co-founder - Victor Wong has more than 15 years experience in web and educational software development. He was the founder and CTO of Speak2Me, the largest English language learning social network in China, which was acquired by Lingo Media (TSX: LM) in 2007. He previously developed and launched adidas Canada’s award-winning B2B portal and online store and worked at Ulead Systems in Los Angeles. He lives in Beijing, with his wife, Cadalina, and their two boys, Victor Jr. and Ethan.